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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  August 29, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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3 the attorney for the accused perry hall gunman iidicates his client was bullied on campus.but police ssy bullying was not a factor in the shootin. shooting.15 year old robert gladden is undergoing a psychological exam.he is charged with attempted murder after the cafeteria shooting thaa injured one student. cooperative in the investigation. (police sot froo tuesday)"we are aware of reports the suspect was a victim of bullying.. robert gladdens conversations with investigators have not indicated bullying was an issue in this case." case." police are also looking at gladden's prior interactions with police... as the
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investiiation continues. students at perry hall continue to rally around the shooting ictim, 17 year old daniel borowy. borowy.janice park is live in the explain hy thousands of students at the school are now reaching out to lady gaga. janice? it all started with just one student...who got the idea to reach out to lady gaga through twitter anddthis facebook page. the request is simple...itt says lady gaga please visit daniel.this page has only been up about 20 can see...over 13 thousand people have liked it... daniel burroway remains at shock trauma after monday's shooting.and while hh recovers...thousandssof his fellow students are reaching out to gaga through this facebook page.apparently daniil loves the singer...and students say he adores her áso much...he has a suitcase always packed in heehopes of one ay maarying her.lady gaga...has made it her platform to stop bullying...and even created a foundation earlier this year to build what she calll a braver, kinder world:
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"we want lady gaga to come visit daniel" daniel""ittwill help him so much, he's the sweeting kid since he got shot, we love him to death, we're gonna try her to come in, and make his dreams come true" according to this facebook page, daniel is doing better, he even sat up today.but according to shock trauma, he's still in critical in the newsroom, jjnice park ffx45 news at 5:30. you can take a look at all our coverage of the perry hall shooting on our webpage. go to foxbaltimore dot com slash perry hall. virginia lacrosse player george huguely... will be sentenced tomorrow. for... killing...f cockeyssille native yeardley love. 3& huguely faces a maximum sentence of 266years...//. in february, ... jurors convicted huguely of second degree murder and grand larceny...//. love's... was ...found ...inside her off-campus apartment...//.
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huguely... admitted... he kicked in love's bedroom door... and the two fought.../. here's what huguely's attorney had to say following the jury's ruling. he's spiritual and we look forward to some corrections in what happened here tonight. 8 :38 it's expected he judge will hear from several witnesses before sentencing hughely. we'll be live in lattst developments. the hundreds of people say goodbye today to a popular cantonnbusinesssan... struck... by a bus... in ocean city lasttweek. week. jeff abell shows us how he's being remembeeed, jeff.... a longtime friend says patrick sonny mccusker had forever wanted to put 'the fun' back in funeral.... and he just may have sscceeeed. at his own funeral today, pallbeerers wore t-shirts bearing the symbol of mcccskers beloved natty boh beer.... a natty boh truck led the procession from the cathedral of mary our queen to dulaney valley memorial gardens where he was buried. killed by a bus while riding
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his bike in oceanncity on friday. today, some two-thousand people saluted the man who launched nacho mamaas in canton 18-years ago, and helped build a thriving community. /'//sot/// (17:30:55) "probably one of the most generous guys in baltimore never looked for anything back. never told anybody what he was doing. just went out and did it and just a sad day sad day...." restaarants and bars in canton are honoriin mccusker by donating 30-percent of their profits today to his ffvoriies charity. jeff abell, fox 45, news at 5:30.... a new wegman's will last night... the baltimore county council voted to rezone a vacant solo cup plant at the corner of painters mill and reisterstown road. the vote comes after months of debate between developers groups and counccl members.opponents were
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concerneddabout traffic congestion .the 140 million dollar center would be (38:24))its needs a lift an upgrade and the area has been years reistersttwn rr ainters mill has been just the same and it bringg a whole new life to that region. region. ((6:36) all of those issuus that people are so concerned about traffic especially all those issues will be taken in at the development prooessslevv. level...the project is expected to be completed.... spring 014. in baltimore...the excctement is buildingfor this weekend's reports from ddwntown...thht's good news for many hotels...whichare quickly filling-up or the biggrace... 3 (rydell) for racing ans and drivers, this is the place to me. we're at the royal sonesta harbor court hotel on light &pstreet and ne of the big advantages, when you walk out the front door, you're here on the grand prix ttack."((nats))
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it's a track... that's still under construction.((natss)but thoseehigh performance racc cars...are starting to arrive in baltimore...and ii just two days...((race))they'll be off and running in tte second you're booked... at tte royal sonesta harbbr'll have one of the best views in town...without leaving your room. "it's the hairpin turn right here for the race." general manager david kohlasch...says many of the grand prix executives and drivers will be staying here. "thess cars go 180 miles an hour, couldn't even imagine." foo was uncertain...whether thh grand prix would return to baltimore. now...that it has...there's a big relief. (noonan) "well i think you're going to see a very high occupancy on saturday night like we saw last year, we'll see a lift in business on in rate on both friday and saturday and we'll see some business on sunday." (rydell) "even though the royal sonnsta harbor court hottllis fully booked for his weekend, we are told that many other hotels in downtown baltimore stilllhave vacancies for this
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big weekend." at the inner harbor, john rydell, fox 45 news at 5:30." the trial continuee for two men chargee with murdering a teenager at the towson town center mall a few days before c. in court ttday as surveillance video was presented to the jury. the video and is live at the courthouse in towson. william ward and fran williams william ward william ward and fran 3 williams can bb be seen walkkng througg storrs ... making phone calls and &pallegedly tracking the victim defendent from frank's dark hoodde, williams bright tennis &pshoes and eyewitness accounts they are also later seen in theestairwell offthe parking garage. they shot him in the garage outside nordstroos the suspected triggerman tyrooe brown is triggerman suspected nordstroms the outside him in the garage garage. they shot the pprking the stairwell of also later seen in accounts and briiht tennis shoes and
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eyewitnesssaccounts they are also later seen in thee stairwell of the parking garage. they shot him in thee &pgarage outside nordstroms the brown is not seen in these clips prosecutors are withholding that video until his trial next month. but the defendants on trial now are also charged withhmurder and assault ... they are aacusedd of helping to carry the ssooting even coordinating it by cell phone. 3 how are those closures affecting the ride homm tonight and what about other ro? roods?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. report. maabelairfiberwilkens395map 3
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coming up... find out why several people left a coorthouse in handcuffs. they always say the past doesn't stay buried orever. and coming up next... hoo one man's teenage rank costthim aa job nearly 50 years later! 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3 a judge in the colorado theater shooting ass
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has orrered that some of the suspect's educational records a hearing last week, prosecutors argued thee needed copiessof some 100 pages of eduuational records
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subpoenaed from the university of colorado, where suspect james holmes had been a neuroscienne doctoral candiddte.prosecutors say the documents are needed to build a case that would establish a motive or the july 22 shooting that killed 12 people and injured 58 oohers. attorneys for the sttte say that holmes made threats, failed a key exam and had been encouraggd by professors to seek another line of work in the weeks prior to the shootinn. an... all-out out... at... an....indiana cour. courthouse...thhs ... as... people were leaving alleged killer's hearing ... yysterday..../officers... ...break up the fightt.../ sheriff's... say... several people ...were arrested.../ but,... no... one was seriously huut.../ a man in iowa is out of job, thanks to a prank he pulled in 19-63. it's all because of strict laws in the banking indu. iidustry.richard eggees jokes that he waa fired by people hh was born before.his crime?he was in collegg at the time...
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a police officer caught him cutting out ime--sized pieces of cardboard to see if they'd work in washing machines.49 years later... eggers is fired from ells fargo after a background check turns up the ccime.under section 19 of the federal deposit insurance act... a person convicted of any criminal offense involving dishonesty or breach of trust... may not work at a f- d- i- c insured institution. 108-122"the siiuation showed thatti had a criminal background that based upon the federal stttutes i wass considered a risk in any organization that handles banking or mortgages." mortgages."companies violating the rrgulations an be fined day... a risk most aren't willing to take. use... solar power give your electronics ... need.tom roogers... finds out
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ii the goal zero ... is a deal or a dud. 3 &pare you addicted to your cell phone?if you are... chances are you have run out of &pbattery power at one point or another .we fiid out if the goal zero lives up to it's prrmise and if it's worth its . pricetag.informercial nats the goal zero claims to charge your phone on the go...using the biggest star in tte sky... the suu.the directions say... &pafter just 3 hours in the the power you need, plus it has a battery pack witt rechargeable batteries... went to the inner harbor to test it out... where there's no shortage of sunssine.. or people on theemov. awesome me 14413:27-28)) this we askkd sophia to try it out... on her blackberry. blackberry.((sot 14:02:24:15))-'s working absolutley.-((sot 14:02:27:04)) next is dominick.... he likes to play gamee on his cell phone so he always runs low on battery power.he tested the goal zone in the sun .... worked..but in the shade he
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had to use the batttryypack. pack.((sot 14::5:41)) it's &pcharging (sot 14:05:42))the goal zone so far... is two for two. two. michelle saas she loves to hiie and knows the pain of being out in the woods and not having a cell phone or a amera. pamera...((sot 14:07:54)) ii dd alot of camping and hikiig... when your out camping don't have access o alot of electrical suppliess(( sot 14:08:03)) zone to the test....first on her cell phone .. ..((sot 14:10:35)) and it's charging ((sot 14::0:36)) 14:10:36))then on her camera.. she used the rechaageable batteries from the battery pack. pack.((sot 14:12:55 )) charged and ready to ake a photo ((sot 14:12:56)) 14:12:56)) so is it a deal or a dud.... dud....((sot 14:00:31:31)) yeah ...i would think so.. &p((sot14:03:32:28)) ((sot 14:06:47)) i think it's a deaa ((sot 14:06:48)) 14:06:48))((sot 14:06:35)) for me it would be a deal (((ot 14:) 14:06:36)) the goal zero retails for about 130-dollars...and has a 30-day money back leern more about the goal zero... log on toofox bbltimore dot ccm slash newslin. newslinks.tom rodgers fox45 news t 5:30.
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&pa prank gone terribly wrong... one man's fascination with big foot... becomes fatal....coming up. 3 --adblib weather tz-- ♪ i dare you to dare me what's today's dare? erase the damage of 100 blow-drys
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to stage a bigfoot hoax... dies... after... he's... hit by... two cars..../ 44... dressed up ... in... a... camouflage suit... áthinkingá... he'd looked like... bigfoot... say... tenley... was standing in the middle of this highway .../ wwen... the... first car struck im...//.a... second car... phenn.. hit him again.../ as... he lay... in the road...////police... say... since the maa... was... trying... to... create... this... hoax...// they're... ánooá... ruling out... the possibility.. drunk...////.... - ---- adlib about story ------
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3 3 we're saying thanks you to the we're saying 3 3 story ---- -------- adlib bout -----adllb about story ---
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we're saying thanks you to the fans that mmke our facebook the a fox 45 fan of to facebook dot com slash s go foxbaltimore... and click on new fan of the day every e a weekday on fox 45 news at five. 3 the orioles look to inch closer to the top in the a-l they did it next in sports. 3
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low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at the numbers are very good for the orioles as they continuee their series with the white sox tonight...they've won foor in a row, 16 of their last 22, afternoon, find theeselves just three games backin the american leaguu east.. east.. and they can cut that lead to jjst 2 and a half games with a
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win tonightthey have taken the last two in a row from a white sox team that leads the al centtal and came in having won it's last six in a row...tonight, the orioles try to hand them their third straight defeat...can the orioles use this crucial peries as a sproingboard as they head into september? 3 elsewhere..the ravens boardee their charter this afternoon for st louii, where they'll wind up the preeseason tomorrow night againss the those trying to earn a deal to - spot.friday night at nine is the deadline to get rosters down to the mandated 53 to open the season... meanwhile,,the nfl says it's replacement referees will open the regular season.. the league locked out the regular officials back in june, aad there islittle to no progress betweenntheir union &pand the nfl...a memo went out
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today saying the replacements will quote work as much ofthe regular season as necessary,,, salary and pension issues are the main stickinn oint...the replacemenns have worked the entire pre-season, wiih decidedly mixed results. oriiles-white sox highlights...more from the ravens, and a new home for loyola athletics...thatts all comingguop at 10:50 and 11:30 on sports unlimited. --toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3 3 phere... are...
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plenty of... imitttors.../// but... there's... only one... original. original.120 tons off tomatoes....and an annual excuss to make a massive mess . .horns blowing, people screaming screaming this is the "tomatina fight" in bunol, spain.about 40-thousand people... many half-naked... are hurl squashed tomatoes at each's a sea of humanity... full oo sangria... and covered in red can see chunks of the ffuit... that many considdr aa vegetable... flying through the air. 3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."family feud" is next. next.and we'll be back tonight
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